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Marine Inspections - Boat House, Docks - Know Before You Buy!

Service Available in Muskoka and across Ontario - Ourcommercial divers offer practical solutions for underwater Inspections, Repairs and Construction!

Marine Inspection - Ensure You're Family's Safety!

These days nearly all home purchases are conditional upon a home inspection.  Yet, most inspections fail to include structures beyond the main dwelling.  These additional structures can be sheds, barns, playground features and of course the structure supporting your dock and/or boathouse.  Although the surface decking may look great, what lies beneath may tell an entirely different story.  Some docks and boathouses are built upon a system of piles driven into the base of the water; others are built upon cribbing cages.  Generally piles driven into rocky bottoms perform the best, as there is little chance for these piles to move.  Piles set in softer bottoms (ie. clay, sand and silt) can shift and settle.  Much of this can be minimized through proper bracing and setting of piles.  Cribbing can rot and shift.  All of this can compromise the integrity of the whole structure.  So the question remains, do you know what is holding up your dock/boathouse?  You may have received blueprints of the structure with the house, are they accurate?  Is there cross-bracing on all of the piles to reduce lateral stresses?  Has there been damage from ice jamming?  You also may have geothermal units, intake and effluent pipes or simply want to see what lies at bottom.  In our experience, what you do not know will hurt you.

The problem is that the majority of these issues effect all marine structures in your area.  At what cost do you want to learn about them?
We are able to perform marine inspections for both residential and commercial applications.  We can examine all aspects of your new/potential acquisition, including supports, bracing, piping, geothermal units as well as all associated hardware.  We will provide you with a narrated, in-depth video of the structure as well as recommendations to address any areas of concern we may come across.
It is always better to be pro-active rather than re-active, it can save you thousands of dollars and provide you with the peace of mind that your entire investment is safe. commercial divers offer practical solutions for underwater Inspections, Repairs and Construction:

Underwater inspection and repairs to circulating water, service water, fire and pump systems
Underwater inspection of piping systems
Head and sluice gate inspection & maintenance
Underwater dredging of forebays, wet wells, and other underwater locations
Stoplog and bulkhead projects
Internal pipe repairs
Concrete construction inspection and repairs
Installation, repair, and rehab of float booms
Raw Water Intake cleaning, inspection and repair
Trash Rack cleaning, inspection, repair
Traveling Water Screen cleaning inspection and repair
Air Burst and Chemical Systems cleaning inspection and repair
Valve and Gate inspection, repair and replacement
Engineering support services
Plug Installation to allow valve work
Pre & Post Dredging Surveying
Diver-assisted Dredging
Ultra High Pressure Water Blasting
Zebra Mussel Removal
Bridge inspections
Industrial cleaning services
ROV services
Dam maintenance
FERC inspections
Underwater welding and burning
Discharge/effluent cleaning, inspection and repair
Underwater demolition
Tank Inspections






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